This self-paced online course is for any licensed healthcare professional who wants to expand their brick-and-mortar medical practice to online patients or clients. We’ll aim principally at MDs and Dos are moving into, or expanding, a telemedicine practice or business.  We’ll also address issues that Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, acupuncturists, health coaches and others will have to deal with as they navigate telemedicine. Here’s what you’ll get on the course:

  • A PDF containing dozens of valuable articles on legal issues affecting telemedicine and similar practices and businesses.
  • An E-book on Telehealth Legal Issues

Note: We are neither offering nor suggesting that CME, CLE or any other continuing education credit is available.


Telemedicine law changes frequently (particularly since COVID-19), and, changes on a state-by-state level. Since we developed this course, we have seen a lot of liberalization of telemedicine laws, and, some occasional pullbacks. This course provides more of a strategic overview. For periodic updates, please see the ongoing resources at, including: Given our broader global movement into business environments that are more digital than in-person, we anticipate the legal and regulatory landscape to continue to evolve favorably for telemedicine companies and businesses.

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