• Michael is a dynamic and impactful speaker. I had the privilege of watching him present to a several-hundred-person crowd and his charismatic style and message truly resonated with the audience. He had a unique way of blending storytelling with humor, positivity, and humility that left me inspired to take action.

    Drew Amoroso
    Drew Amoroso CEO / Move Associates
  • As a speaker, Michael radiates positive energy and his intelligence, knowledge, wit and humor left the audience spell bound. Michael is amazingly quick on his feet, unflappable and is such an engaging speaker you lose track of time. Michael has a gift for taking the complicated and making it simple. He is a GREAT addition to any speaking venue.

    Bernard Lauper
    Bernard Lauper CEO / MacCorkle Insurance Services
  • Michael is one of the finest speakers I know. His experience as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Harvard School of Public Health provided a strong foundation as a keynote speaker. I have witnessed firsthand his ability to captivate a large audience and explain complicated matters in a clear and concise manner. I highly recommended Michael.

    Eric L. Toscano
    Eric L. Toscano CEO & Managing Attorney / Tenant Law Group, PC
  • I had the good fortune to hear Michael speak at a seminar.  Michael’s charismatic delivery and stage presence kept the audience engaged.  Michael has a command of both the law and the stage.

    Scott Klotzman, Esquire
    Scott Klotzman, Esquire Law Offices of Scott Klotzman, P.A.
  • As a medical doctor and CEO of a digital healthcare startup  I invited Michael to speak at Health 2.0 in Silicon Valley. Michael blew the audience away with his inspirational style, command  of healthcare’s legal architecture, his passion for innovation and his vision for the future of healthcare.

    Paul Lee, MD
    Paul Lee, MD Cofounder of Curley
  • I heard Michael present the legal landscape of this very novel and unfamiliar area of health care to a ballroom filled with thought leaders from medical education and health care delivery systems, and was immediately impressed with his intellect and thoughtfulness. On that day he not only summarized the state of the law regarding complementary medicine, but also gave us a glimpse of what the future might hold for medicine.

    Karen E. Adams, MD
    Karen E. Adams, MD Oregon Health and Sciences University
  • I had the privilege to listen to several talks by Michael H. Cohen in the Middle East with over 2,000 participants, including the high representatives from the Ministries of Health of the Gulf States. Michael is remarkable in convincingly communicating the legal complexities of integrative medicine under unique conditions in a humble, joyful and intelligent way.

    Torkel Falkenberg, PhD
    Torkel Falkenberg, PhD Karolinska Institutet & The Integrative Care Science Center (Sweden)

Testimonial by Dennis Cummins

  • If you're looking to expand your practice, protect how you do business, or looking to just make your life easier especially for guys like me in the alternative healthcare world - you need to listen to Michael H. Cohen. His information is great, his energy is great, and you're going to love having him at your practice as well. So if you get a chance come to his workshop. He's absolutely terrific, you're going to love listening to him.

    Dennis Cummins
    Dennis Cummins Owner / Pro Speaker Academy
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