Health & Wellness

Michael H. Cohen helps healthcare industry startups and leaders navigate the legal and regulatory landscape to get to market and succeed. From dietary supplements to cosmetics, medical devices, AI-powered software, wearable health tech, and beyond, he guides audiences through enforcement hazards to get products get to market and rise to top of market.

In this presentation, you will learn valuable information about any one of the following topics:

  • When telemedicine is legally risky business and how to make it legally safer
  • Why substantiating claims matters when bringing a healthcare product to market
  • 5 Ways to handle FDA labeling requirements and mitigate enforcement risk
  • 3 Common legal mistakes when marketing health products and how to avoid these sandtraps
  • Many other niche healthcare legal and regulatory topics of critical importance to health and wellness business and practitioners!

An expert at advising corporate leaders on strategic legal and regulatory issues in the multi-trillion-dollar health and wellness industry, Michael can customize keynote presentations to fit your audience.