Healthcare Reform

The voice of the law needs to encourage a broad vision of healthcare that encompasses not only physical and emotional health, but also personal growth, healing and self-actualization. We need this voice to transform our culture from one of anger and violence, to compassion and love.

Legal authority creates a language, culture, and collective vision of healthcare. Where the law overemphasizes the medical aspects of care, legal rules fragment choice, stymie personal growth, and frustrate deeper levels of healing. On the other hand, when the law recognizes that we are moving from disease care to a culture of wellness and healing, then the law supports opportunities for human growth and transformation.

In this talk, Michael H. Cohen talks about his vision of healing, that includes yet is broader than cure. He recognizes that healing means more than treating malfunctioning organs or disease states.  Healing encompasses epiphanies; healing means wholeness, sometimes beyond metrics, like the “peace that surpasses understanding.”  Healing means transformed relationships. Healing can occur at the end of life, with expressions of forgiveness or love.  Cure is vital; healing is triumphant.

In this talk, you will learn from Michael how:

  • Healthcare reform should revolve around the attitudes, beliefs, and culture that animate how we construct the law, not insurance and economics.
  • We need to encourage different kinds and methods of healing and medical pluralism
  • We should balance our concern for rooting out fraudulent practices and practitioners against our interest in the evolutionary potential of a broad spectrum of therapies and healing.
  • Our healthcare system and laws should support learning, personal growth, and self-actualization.