Forms to Manage a Technology Platform for Physicians, Etc.

When MSOs manage a clinical practice remotely or digitally (say as a telemedicine company), the MSO can benefit from clear agreements that help document the MSO’s management role, obligations, and fees. This set includes a questionnaire and explanatory report, an Agreement to manage a technology platform’s services, a sample spreadsheet to figure out profits and revenues, two sets of patient authorizations and another explanatory report, and a consent for telehealth.

What’s Included:

  • MSO Questionnaire
  • MSO Explanatory Report
  • MSO Spreadsheet
  • Platform Services & Licensing Agreement
  • MSO Patient Authorization for Disclosure of PHI
  • MSO Patient Authorization for Marketing
  • MSO Authorizations Explanatory Report
  • MSO Telehealth Consent

Need Help?

Do I need a special software to download or view the forms?

You will need Microsoft Word (97 or higher) to download and use the documents.

Can I use the forms more than once?

You can use the form for yourself. You may not transfer the form to any other third party for their use.

How do i download my form?

You can download your form(s) immediately after your purchase has been processed.

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